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Writing an Apartment Review for Rumney Flats


Rumney Flats Blog, Revere, MA Apartments  When it comes to apartment living, reviews can help us determine where we want to live and what life is like there. Follow our tips for writing an effective review.


Remember when you were looking for an apartment in Revere, MA? How did you decide to join our apartment community at Rumney Flats? Chances are you read a review or two and that influenced your decision. Reviews are a part of our daily lives. From pizza to groceries and cars to any number of services, we rely on reviews to help inform our decisions. Today, we have some tips on writing effective reviews.


Why Write a Review

When you are looking for information, you appreciate a detailed, thoughtful, unbiased review — so why not take some time and leave reviews for products, services, and establishments you encounter? Anyone who has been on the apartment hunt knows how valuable reviews can be in giving them a clear picture of what to expect of a new home. Your expert opinion can help others decide if this is the right place for them because it gives them real-life insights into all aspects of a community.


Of course, not everyone’s experiences are the same — that fact alone demonstrates the need for more reviews. Potential residents and apartment community staff need a comprehensive look into the different parts of an apartment living experience to know what is normal, what greater problems are more urgent to address, what to steer clear from, and what to take confidence in.


Writing Effective Reviews

Be specific. Give details about dates of occurrences. This can help management of the community better pinpoint what happened and make real steps toward resolving an issue — if it hasn’t been resolved already. It also helps potential residents get a feel for the state of the community when they’re looking to rent there.


Not everyone has the same experience, and this is a good thing to indicate in your review with phrases like, “in my experience” or “this was my experience” to indicate this. Also, keep in mind that what is a top priority for you may not be on your neighbor’s top ten list.


Pay attention to spelling and grammar and use complete sentences. Use exclamation marks sparingly, and resist the urge to use more than one at the end of a sentence. Remember: poor writing mechanics can instantly devalue what you are saying; a reader may think, Why should I trust what this person’s opinion is if they don’t take the time to write clearly.


We invite members of our apartment community to leave a review about their experience of living at Rumney Flats. We appreciate the feedback!