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Title: How to Prepare Your Apartment and Your Schedule for Thanksgiving

a woman and two girls preparing food for Thanksgiving

Welcome to November! We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful fall season here in Revere, MA so far. Today the Rumney Flats Blog is here to help you get your apartment and your schedule ready for one of the biggest days of November: Thanksgiving. Try these tips for creating an environment you can be proud of this holiday.

Start with the bigger tasks.

Make use of the calm before the storm by getting the bigger, more time-consuming tasks out of the way before you’re bombarded with all your other, more time-sensitive duties. So if you think your apartment needs a bigger makeover, do the deep cleaning now. Get the clutter off your counters and tables and into their proper home. Go through stacks of papers or mail that may be piling up on your desk. Scrub your bathroom, wipe down your sink, clean your dispenser, and vacuum, sweep and mop your floors. You’ll feel much better when you do, and you’ll then be able to focus on minimal upkeep throughout the rest of the month.

Stay organized.

Tasks, events, activities, and chores easily pile up the closer it gets to any holiday — especially this time of the year. Plan out the rest of your schedule and any other tasks you’ll have to finish so you can stay on top of it all without being blindsided. Use a planner, a calendar in your mobile device, or another method of organizing your tasks that works for you. Look at it often so you can stay productive with your time all month long.

Stay organized in your apartment by taking a few minutes at the end of each day to put things back where they belong and do your daily cleanup. 

Enlist help.

Sometimes no matter how much we organize and think we can handle, we find ourselves overwhelmed and dreading this time of year. Make it easier on yourself to clean or decorate your home or to prepare dishes for your Thanksgiving meal by inviting a friend, relative, or neighbor over to help you. It’ll ease your burden, bring you the joy of spending time bonding with a loved one, make your chores more fun, and help you remember why the holidays are so special.

What are your best tips for keeping your mind, schedule, and apartment clear during the chaos of the holidays? Let us know in the comments so we can all benefit. Thanks for reading. Good luck. Happy Thanksgiving!