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New Recipes to Try at Your Summer Barbecue

barbecued vegetable skewers

Everyone loves to barbecue. It’s a simple fact of life. And now that summer is getting underway, barbecue is the perfect food to prepare. How do you plan to celebrate? You could go out to your favorite Revere, MA barbecue place, or you could make something in your apartment at Rumney Flats. If you opt for the latter, here are some original recipes that you can try. 

Grilled Fajita Vegetable Skewers

For the vegetarian, we have a delicious vegetable skewer combination that’s sure to be delicious. This recipe comes from A Spicy Perspective. You’ll need corn on the cob, zucchini, red bell pepper, red onion, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, butter, fajita seasoning mix, fresh lemon juice, and wooden or metal skewers.

Mini Grilled Pizzas from Tablespoon

Personal pizzas are some of the easiest things you can make to ensure everyone at your outing is satisfied with their entree. Provide a variety of ingredients or just make a bunch with the toppings listed in this recipe for a delicious way to mix up your barbecue fare.

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream from What’s Gaby Cooking

While everyone is winding down from the meal and the grill is cooling down, toss on some peaches for a warm, delectable dessert. Pull the ice cream out at the last second to serve up a dessert that is the perfect blend of toasty warm, crispy cold, and sugary sweet. The lines on the grill will also give it a great aesthetic perfect for sharing on social media, too!

What are you looking forward to making this summer? If you’re feeling like a party, go ahead and invite over your family and friends and try out one of these dishes. Combine one of these unique tastes with a classic one for the perfect meal for everyone. Let us know what barbecue tips you have in the comments below. Thanks for reading this month!