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Making New Year’s Resolutions

An open notebook with  Resolutions written across the top of the page and numbers 1, 2, and 3, written on lines underneath with a pen in the picture as well.

This week the Rumney Flats Blog is featuring a few tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are notorious for not lasting. We hope that these tips help you make and achieve your goals next year.

Organize your schedule. It’s important to come up with a schedule to achieve your goals. What will you do to achieve your goals this month? This week? What are you doing today to reach your goal? Write down and refine your goals weekly; check your progress once or twice a month to make sure you’re still on track.

Limit your own choices. Plenty of studies have shown that willpower is limited. Keeping your goals and practicing self-discipline is easier when you limit the choices you make each day. Have the same thing for breakfast each morning, or come up with a work “uniform” so that you don’t have to choose a new outfit each day. Limit your own choices so you can save your energy for the choices (and activities) that really matter. 

Don’t tell anyone about your goals. This might seem counterintuitive, but it really works. TED speaker Derek Sivers says, “The repeated psychology tests have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen.” You can find out more about Sivers argument by watching his TED talk

Work on one goal at a time. The New York Times has a great article about setting New Year’s resolutions. One of their tips is to “set a single clear goal.” While it can be tempting to try to tackle all of your goals at once, focusing on one goal at a time will make it much easier to focus on your goal and eventually achieve it. 

Set yourself up for success. New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap, but you’ll only break your goal if you think you will. Think of your success as assured. Work towards your goal relentlessly and let go of your fear of failure.

What are your tips for achieving New Year’s resolutions? Leave them in the comments. Thanks for being a part of our Revere, MA apartment community.