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How to Make the Most of Your Summer Workout

a woman outdoors with her arms outstretched.

It’s summer weather here in Revere, MA, which means outdoor exercise is an adjustment. Get in the habit of staying active — even after the heat hits — by planning for it so you can set yourself up for success. Today, Rumney Flats Blog has ideas for doing so. Be sure to consider the following:

Check the weather.

Knowing the conditions of where you’re going to be exercising will help you plan the best and prepare yourself mentally and physically for an effective workout. Know how the heat and the sun affect you, and plan for spending time in areas with plenty of shade if you’re going outside.

Dress appropriately.

Investing in proper summer workout clothes is a must for your health. You don’t have to get anything too fancy if you can’t or don’t want to. Just look for loose (but fitted enough that it’s not clunky), breathable cotton materials that help wick the sweat away. Choose lighter colors to reflect the sun. And always wear sunscreen! Make it an essential part of your everyday wardrobe for the health of your skin, whether you’re exercising outside or simply going about your day here in South Carolina.


Another vital aspect of your health you shouldn’t overlook is a healthy diet. Give your body the fuel it needs to recover from a workout, especially when it’s already under stress from the weather. Hydrate often and be aware that higher temperatures mean more sweat and major electrolyte loss, so supplement your extra water intake with foods that make up for sodium loss. Choose healthy sources without added sugars to keep the energy high. A banana, peanut butter, and rice cake sandwich is a great energy-boosting post-workout snack.

Take it easy.

You’ll set yourself up for unnecessary disappointment if you hold your summer workout performance to the same standard as your performance in an air-conditioned gym or in other, more ideal conditions. The fatigue that comes from being exposed to and exerting yourself in excess heat will naturally change your limits. So be realistic and change your goals to match those limits. Allow for plenty of breaks to rest so you don’t overdo it and so you can continue to progress with your goals.

What are your best tips for making the most of your summer workout? Let our apartment community know in the comments. We hope you find success working out in the summertime and the rest of the year with these tips!