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Driving Safely in the Snow

a person scraping ice off a window

Winter weather in Revere, MA can bring dangerous conditions. Slippery snow and dangerous ice can cause your car to drive out of control and endanger both yourself and others. So rather than resigning to stay inside your Rumney Flats apartment, we put together a list of the most helpful winter driving tips to keep you safe while you make your way about your day this December.

Even though these tips will help you while driving in the winter, remember to always err on the side of caution. If it’s particularly snowy or icy, it might be better to stay indoors for a little while until it clears up.

Slow and steady wins the race.
Driving slowly is the key to remain safe on any road, but particularly when they’re icy. Everything you do takes a little longer (turning, stopping, and accelerating, for example), so if you take it a little bit slower, you’re much less likely to slide. If you don’t slide, you’ll have control of your car throughout your journey. Be mindful of speed limits and other drivers but go as slow as you need to be safe. It’s better to take a little bit longer to get somewhere than to not get there at all.

Keep moving.
This one applies specifically to driving conditions with heavy snow. If you’re driving into an area of deeper snow, do not stop your car, if at all possible. If you stop moving, your car will sink down into the snow and it will be very difficult to get it unstuck and moving again. If you feel your wheels spinning and you’re not going anywhere, back up a little bit and don’t let your wheels continue to spin, as that will make the situation worse.

For emergencies, keep a bag of sand or kitty litter in the trunk of your car. When you get stuck, you can use this to lay in front of and behind your tires to give you traction and get moving again.

Be visible.
When snow starts falling, visibility instantly will drop a significant amount. Even if you can see everyone, it’s equally important that everyone can see you. The simplest way to remedy this is just by turning on your headlights, even if it’s the middle of the day. It may seem overly simple, but sometimes those headlights are a lot easier to see out of your peripherals than a car itself.

Additionally, at night, be sure to not use your brights while it’s snowing. Snow reflects light, especially headlights. Your attempt to increase visibility will actually end with you blocking off your line of sight and that of your fellow drivers.

These are definitely not the only tips to make sure that you stay safe while driving in wintry conditions. AAA put together a much more comprehensive list that you should definitely take a look at before heading out this winter. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog today. Have a fun and safe December!