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Boston Celtics Season Preview

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Here in Revere, MA, we are diehard Boston sports fans. With just a short drive or public transit ride to the stadiums, they make for a great event to spend time with friends and family. Last year, the Celtics had a promising run in the playoffs, making it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals before falling to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, this year LeBron has left the Cavaliers to play with the Lakers, and the Celtics are now looking like the favorites to win the East.


This year’s Celtics team looks poised to be even better than last year. They return almost their entire roster, and have some savvy additions to the team as well. The Celtics team that pushed the Cavaliers to seven games in the conference finals was missing three important players, all of whom are back and ready to push them further.


First off, All-NBA point guard Kyrie Irving. He was lost to knee surgery last season and missed the entire playoffs.Kyrie is the type of player that there’s no way to stop. If you stop him from doing one thing, he’ll just beat you in another way. With the best handles in the league, a deadly jump shot, and entire bag of tricks to finish at the rim, there’s no way to gameplan for what Kyrie can do. If he’s able to stay healthy all year, the Celtics should cruise to the NBA finals.


Next up, Gordon Hayward. Hayward was injured just five minutes into his Celtics debut last year to a gruesome looking ankle injury (do not look it up if you have a weak stomach). He missed the entire season, but looks healthy and ready to get back to his all-star form this year. Hayward is a player who doesn’t do anything wrong on the court. He’s a great shooter, and good secondary playmaker to Kyrie, and is an underrated defender out on the wing. His defense will be key for the Celtics this year, as he’ll most likely take the tougher defensive assignments to spare Kyrie’s energy on offense. With Hayward back in tow, this Celtics team has no weak spots on the floor.


Finally, Marcus Smart. Smart is one of the toughest and hardest working players in the NBA, and the Celtics rewarded him for that with a four year, $52 million contract this offseason. Smart was able to come back towards the tail end of the playoffs last year, but with his still-injured hand, did not provide the same impact that he normally does. A defensive savant, Smart will always be assigned the toughest assignments on that end of the floor. His energy and defensive prowess will go a long way towards whatever aspirations the C’s have of knocking off the Golden State Warriors in the finals.


Do you think that having these players back will be enough to win the NBA Finals this year? Be sure to come on down the apartment community clubhouse here at Rumney Flats if you ever want to watch the Celtics with some friends, or make some new ones. Thanks for reading the blog this month!